Truck Services in Burnham, PA

At Krawl Works, we are known for our tires and truck accessories. It is our truck services, however, that have earned the respect and trust of our friends and neighbors in Burnham, PA & the surrounding communities. From lift kits to wheels and tires, and many helpful services for your trusted four-wheel ride, find out why we are the truck shop your friends and fellow truck owners rely on.

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More Than Tires and Accessories

Yes, we have made a name and built a reputation for our work with tires, wheels, and truck accessories. At Krawl Works, though, we do more than tires and accessories — much more. Here are a few of the services we offer at our shop:

Leveling Kits and Suspension Systems

Let us help you keep your ride smooth and ready for any terrain you may encounter. With our leveling kits and truck suspension services, we can help to keep you and your truck steady regardless of where you go or what job you are doing.

Wheels & Tires

If it has to do with wheels and tires, it starts at Krawl Works. Our specialty is truck accessories and, of course, wheels and tires, and we pride ourselves on being your source for all your wheel and tire needs.

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Jeep ReGear

Do you need to adjust your torque? Do you need more speed from your jeep? We service Jeep ReGear and other regearing packages for a variety of makes and models.

Step Bars

Give your big truck easier access and add some flare, too, with step bars. From installation to repairs, we can help.

Truck Liners

Thinking about protecting the bed of your truck with a Raptor liner product or another type of bed liner? Then bring your truck in, and let us help you pick the right liner, install your liner, and ensure that your truck bed stays safe from abuse, scratches, and rust.


Trucks get dirty! They are trucks, after all. When yours is in need of some TLC, we’ve got you covered. Located on the same property, Splash Works (a division of Krawl Works) offers truck detailing services to make your favorite workhorse look like new. Give us a call today, for more information about our detailing services we offer.

At Krawl Works tire shop in Burnham, PA, we offer many services and can help with many different makes and models, including trailers. We also offer services for studded tires, side by sides, and typical tire services such as mounting and balancing.

Don’t forget to check out our occasional truck, SUV, and Crossovers that we sell. Like all the vehicles we service, you can also rely on the vehicles we sell for quality, performance, and value.

Contact Krawl Works if you have any questions or to schedule your truck for service today.

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